5 Basic Tools for the DIY party maker.

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So you want to DIY? 

Whether it is to save money or to get that I did it myself feeling or to satisfy your creative urges - DIYing can be fun! Our printable party packages let you do it all, in the comfier of your lounge room (in your PJ's and with a wine maybe after the kids are in bed). 
BUT... for the beginner DIY'er it can be tricky to know what you need to get everything made - easily! 
Never fear.... of course we have put together a list for you.
After you've printed your invites (on your home printer, or at a store like Officeworks) Aside from the normal things you'll have at home (i.e scissors, glue etc) these are some handy things for putting your party pieces together yourself. 

1. Tweezers

Tweezers | Emma Smith Stationery and Design
These are the handiest little things! When you are applying teeny tiny pieces and working with glue etc, your fingers can get covered in glue. Tweezers make it easier to place diamentes, stickers etc when it needs to be exact.

2. A 2 Inch Circle Punch

Circle Punch | Emma Smith Event Stationery
Sounds complex, but really isn't. You can buy these at most craft stores such as Spotlight, Lincraft or Riot Art and Craft. You an cut your round circles with scissors of course - but to get those professional seamless edges and to save your self time - gram one of these next time your out. They allow you to cut a whole circle in one swift movement (think normal hole punch but larger)

3. Double Sided Tape

Double Sided Tape | Emma Smith Event Stationery
This one is the one that will save you the mess. Glue can buckle paper if you use the wrong one. Double sided tape can be cut down to any size, and folded over if you accidentally cut it too large. 

4. A Steel Ruler and Craft Knife

Craft Knife and Steel Ruler | Emma Smith Event Stationery
Okay, okay - technically it's two things - but they work together. Again, you can cut out with scissors - but to get those ultra smooth edges, Use a craft knife with a steel ruler (because a plastic rulers will have away with a craft knife eventually making the lines you cut extremely uneven). You could also invest in a paper trimmer to (mini guillotine) if you think you will be DIYing on the regular!

5. Cutting Mat

Cutting Mat | Emma Smith Event Stationery
This one will save your table top. Use it for cutting on, but also if any glue or anything spills, you will be glad you have this to protect your table. These are made of a thick rubber/plastic that can be wiped over and over.
That's it! That's a basic kit that will get you started. Happy DIY'ing!

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