Chocolate is always a good idea.

Hints and Tips

We think custom wrapped Chocolate Bars are the perfect addition to any party!

You can give them out instead of lolly bags, you can add them to your dessert buffet, or you can type a name on the wrapper and use them for a place card.

Some of our party decoration packages include chocolate bar wraps for these reasons and many of you might wonder where to buy the bars, and how to apply them. 

There are many chocolate suppliers you can use that will create a custom bar for you and even wrap your bar in a custom coloured foil. (A quick Google search in your local area for Custom Chocolate Bars should set you on the right path) If you go with this option, your would need to ask for a 40-55gram bar.

Our wraps will fit most shapes and sizes in this range, although we do allow for a small amount of trimming should you need to trim the wraps should you need to.

However our favourite bar (and by far the most cost effective) to use is the Aldi "Choceur Bar" that comes in a 5 pack. They are a 40gram bar and come in many different flavours (Milk, Dark, White, Hazelnut and more). See below image of what you are looking for in the chocolate aisle of your local Aldi.

Aldi Chocolate Bars for party - The Printable Place

Before you go ahead and place our wraps on the bar, you will need to:

  • Wash your hands (use food handling gloves if you prefer)
  • Carefully remove the paper wrap to reveal the foil layer underneath. Be gentle as sometimes they layers can stick together and the foil may tear. If you really wanted to go extra, you could source chocolate foils to re wrap them in coloured foil (this foil might be available at a cake decorating shop). We think the silver Aldi foil goes with most themes in our printable party decor range though.
    Unwrapping Aldi Chocolate Bar - The Printable Place
  • If you haven't already, print and cut out your wraps.
  • On one of the short edges, place some double sided tape.Adding a custom wrap for chocolate bar - The Printable Place
  • Fold the wrap over the bar and secure with the tape. It's that easy!
  • Give out to your guests and enjoy the chocolate!

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