Cover me in Sunshine....Spring is coming.

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Spring is hands down, without a doubt, 100% my favourite time of year. To me it signifies new beginnings, fresh flowers and the start of longer days hinting at the summer. My birthday is in spring and so is a lot of my families birthdays - that means catch ups and celebrations. (Most likely virtual again but I'll take virtual over none).

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Our Daisy Chains Range is perfect for Springtime.

Last year (2020) as Spring approached, there was a hint of hope that the COVID-19 pandemic might be somewhat under control and we were starting to plan our summer get togethers. It was short lived, but we got a little. 

This year (2021), it feels the same. Lockdowns and COVID but somehow different. It seems there is a little more hope with the vaccination rate and the possibility of lockdowns ending (again). For me (and many others) I have taken this year one day at a time, slowed right down and really taken time to "smell the flowers". I have felt anger, sadness and overwhelm but also happiness, contentment and joy in little things. 

As Springs blooms, I see more hope. For every business that has had to shut its doors, I see another one that has changed for the better, or another one started up by someone who was forced to leave their pre-covid job. I see businesses giving back to the community and I see people changing the direction of their lives for the better because they have realised when their old way of life has been taken away, a new one has emerged. One they seem to love more. 

And whilst I know the world seems a little broken right now, Spring somehow gives me a sense of new beginnings and hope see the good things coming.

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