Gingham. Sweet and Simple.

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Gingham, so much sweetness in so many little squares. I have always kind of loved it in some way shape or form. I fondly remember putting ribbons in my girls hair with various colours when they were toddlers. Last year we released our Gingham Dreams printable range and all of a sudden now, I am seeing it pop up everywhere!

In fashion (some large labels and some more boutique) but none the less, the sweet little pattern has found it's way into many clothes last season and into this season too. 

*Edit Aug 2021 - This little pattern is still spilling over into boutiques even more so this year! Although I haven't been out due to lockdowns, I have lost count of how many brands and online stores I have seen it in as I scroll the net and socials.

Fashion labels Gorman and Country Road showing their checked and gingham prints.

In homewares (especially in wall paper and quilt covers). Target in the US have a peel and stick gingham wallpaper that most definitely would find its way into my home if I lived there. 

Heather Taylor Home (USA) bringing all the gingham goodness to your home.

Bolder checks are featured in our "Farmyard Fun" range.

I am LOVING over sized checks rather than the tiny little traditional gingham you may have seen on a school dress or farm table cloth. Also the bolder colours and browns and greys appeal to me as opposed to the sweet pastel pinks and blues often used for baby items.

Gingham is a pattern that has stood the test of time, and now it is having it's time again. Maybe it's the country girl in me, but it seems as if gingham is going from a little but country, to a little bit cool. 

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