A royal celebration for sure!

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I don't know why we celebrate the holiday of the Queens Birthday after the day has been and gone. And I am happy to be enlightened on the fact. But for now - The Queens birthday has given me extra reason to celebrate!

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After almost 10 weeks at home, our kiddos are off to school again. And yes - it is a little bittersweet I guess, but for the most part - it is sweet. It's been okay over here. I have two older girls who can mostly look after themselves.....I just have to make sure they have lunch, and are logged into their classes on time.

I will admit - At first I was a little worried for my Year 12 Student (who would have much preferred to be at school) - but she has taken it in her stride and has done what it takes to get the job done. My year 10 girl has thrived without the distractions of classmates - and in some ways I wish it could continue in a way for her. 

So it certainly will be a royal celebration that weekend for sure. 

If you are celebrating a royal occasion - be sure to check out our Royal Adventure and London's Calling ranges. 

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