Little Things you didn't know.

So you have read the about me section of the website - but that's the business spiel.

If you want to know me really.....and I mean really - then you best read on.

I have a compiled a little list of some of my quirks, irks, likes and loves.

  • I have lived in 25 houses. Most of them (Apart from the last four or 5) were in my childhood. A long story but one I am grateful for almost every day to have ended up where I am. May post about it another time.
  • I cannot STAND loud chewing. I have the disease (self diagnosed of course) that people have when it is a thing. My sister has it too.
  • I am a dork. I know my thoughts are intelligent - and when I go for my daily walk my head clears and I come up with the smartest things - but when I try to articulate them out loud to actual people, I am a mess. I can write it down, I can think it uninterrupted, but to say it out loud in the moment?  I do not stand a chance. So when you say "good morning", I am the one that replies "good thanks".
  • My all time favourite TV show is Schitts Creek. I have binged it 5 times over. I love that it stand for inclusion and allows the characters to be who they are no question. Watching the family grow over the series is heartwarming. If you haven't watched it, push through the first few eps, get to know the characters and enjoy. I am a Johnny Rose - no question.
  • I HATE (strong word but required) bad manners.
  • I am next level afraid of frogs. To the point where I have had hypnosis to try and get over it.
  • My soul is happiest when I am at the beach.

That'll do for now I think. Have fun looking around the site, reading the blog and shopping!

I would love to know your little things that make you....well you!


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