Little Americanisms

Black Friday

I lived a year of my life over in the USA in the 90's. I often refer to it as the best year of my life (much to my kids horror as they seem to think their respective birth years are the best years of my life) I made life long friends and it was a learning curve that has often helped me through life's twists and turns.

I'll never forget the sounds of my kids playing with their toys and in their land of make believe they were voicing their characters with American accents! "Stands to reason" I thought - a lot of the TV they watch is made in the US (Disney, Sesame St, Dora the Explorer and many more).

My husband proposed to me on the Fourth of July in the USA (in the US capital Washington D.C) so that holiday always warms my heart. 

Once, in the 1980's, my cousins and I went trick or treating after watching a movie made in the US, and we got doors slammed in our faces and the six of us made off with approximately two muesli bars and a couple of minties to share between us. One particularly 'old' grump told us to go away with that American business.

In the last few years Halloween has become next level American style here in Melbourne. There are more houses that participate than don't in my area I'd say. And the costuming has stepped up too. Well done mumma bears as I think it is around the same time as book week dress ups too. (Is there such a thing as costume stress?)

And while we don't do Thanksgiving as such, we Aussies certainly have jumped onto the Black Friday sales! My inbox started becoming flooded with early sales last week. Needless to say, I am here for it. I am going to attempt some Christmas shopping, and also offer a discount to ya'll too!

Over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday trading weekend, I will offer 20% off sitewide if you add the code BLACK21 at the checkout. Have fun shopping for all your future decor and events lovelies.

After Black Friday, I'll be dreaming of a white snowy Christmas (how good would that be to experience just once?),  But alas, I'll be here in Australia, cooking a roast in the heat of summer. 

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