The Humble Pantry


It seems we all had not much to do so we jumped on Pinterest, got inspired to get organised and cleaned out our homes. Junk drawers, tupperware cupboards, linen closets, kids toy rooms and yes even the humble pantry.

I was late to get onto this because we were building a new home - yes in a pandemic....I know, I know. However in the spirit of panty re-organistion, I did design some labels to help everyone out, but also get ready for our new walk in pantry!

Essential Pantry Labels applied to jars in pantry - The Printable PlaceEssential Pantry Labels on cannisters - The Printable Place

There's 2 designs to choose from. Essentials and Hamptons. They are designed to be printed on an A4 page or label, then you just have to cut them out and stick them on! Each designs includes all the standard pantry labels and a few blank ones too.

Shop all Planning and Organisation here.

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