Top 5 Teacher Gifts (That are not mugs and chocolates).

Teacher Appreciation

Teachers can be over worked and underpaid, but they always have your child's best interest at heart. 

So you want to get them something for the year that was - with your child. A little token of appreciation. It can be hard to choose something that doesn't break the bank, but isn't he normal chocolates, mugs or candle either. We often go to these gifts because they are easy, and we don't have time to think about teacher appreciation at the most busy time of the year.

So naturally we have come up with some suggestions for you. 

1. Officeworks Voucher - many teachers pay for their own stationery and school supplies from their own pocket, so a voucher they can use towards the new school year, or printing some holiday photos might be just the thing they need.

2. Get together with a few other mums to put in together to get your teacher a massage or self care package. The more mums you get on board, the bigger the budget you will have.

3. On the same track as self care - a nice hand cream (yes you can get man ones too for the male teachers out there) will be appreciated as those hands can get dry with all the washing and sanitising that happens in the classroom.

4. A large tote bag. How many times have you seen your child's teacher's arms full of books and papers as they struggle to open the classroom door in the morning. A tote bag might be just the ticket!

5. Speaking of tickets - A movie ticket might be nice so they can enjoy their break with a good film. Even better now that lockdowns have ended. Package it up with some popcorn and snacks too for something extra special.

I hope these ideas help you a little when choosing a teacher gift. 

Of course when you go to wrap it, our lovely printable cards and gift tags will make it even more special!

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