Where to print your printables.

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A lot of people ask where they can print their printables - after they have downloaded them and edited to suit.

Just thought I'd share with you so you know.

Your home printer

Most people have an a printer at home. They quality the files you print at home will depend on the make, model and type of printer you have. It is almost impossible for me to give you specialised advice here as there will be literally hundreds of different printers.

There are a couple of things to make note of though....

1. What type of paper do you want to print the print the files on? If you want a card that is a little thicker than paper, then you might want to check your home printer can print thicker paper.

This should be in the manual somewhere. 

2. Make sure your inks are full - theres nothing worse than running out of ink mid print - especially if you have left it to the day of or night before the party. 

Where to print your files | Emma Smith Event Staitonery

A print store

These are quick print shops like Officeworks, Minuteman Press or Snap printing here in Australia.

In the USA, I believe Staples may do it? But you might need to check as it's quite the plane ride for me to be sure! USA readers feel free to share your favourite print places.

An online store

Sites such as Vistaprint and Moo offer great online printing solutions that are reasonable priced. Just be sure to allow enough shipping time.

Remember we are here to answer your questions if you have any - it's easy enough once you know where to go, or you master your home printer. 

Have fun printing!

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