Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions.

PRINTABLE and DIGITAL FILES - ALL designs are available as printable/digital files whereby you buy the .PDF or .JPEG file and take to the printer of your choice or print at home or send electronically. Digital files are included in the cost of the artwork and design.

PRIVACY - Your personal information and the information of others (when guest list has been provided) is treated with the strictest confidentiality and will be deleted/destroyed after your order has been finalised. The information will not be given to third parties.

COLOUR - Please note that the colours you see on your screen may differ slightly to the actual print colour. Colours may also vary depending on what type of screen you are looking at (e.g - laptop/desktop, iPhone, iPad, tablet etc). All effort and care is taken to ensure the colours that print match your theme. If you are unsure, be sure do to a test print to be sure before printing multiple copies (this too may produce inconsistent results as home printers and inks vary from the ones used by Emma Smith Event Stationery/The Printable Place and other third party print suppliers such as Officeworks or similar}. Emma Smith Event Stationery and The Printable Place take no responsibility for colour discrepancies from screen to printer.

USE OF IMAGES FOR PROMOTION/ADVERTISING - Emma Smith Event Stationery and The Printable Place reserves the right to use the designs, or photos of the designs on any social media platform or website owned by Emma Smith Event Stationery or The Printable Place (websites www.emmasmith.com.au and/or www.theprintableplace.com.au. Any personal details will be changed/blurred out. Emma Smith Event Stationery and The Printable Place cannot be held accountable for misuse of these images by a third party. If you DO NOT want images of your design to be used in the above manner, please advise at the time of ordering.

If YOU apply the designs to any social media platform, it is expected that you will note Emma Smith Event Stationery or The Printable Place as the designer and tag/note/credit the images accordingly. Hashtags and handles are #esstationery #theprintableplace and @theprintableplace

CUSTOMISED DESIGN RESALE - If you have purchased a custom design it is important to note that if this design proves to be popular, Emma Smith Event Stationery and The Printable Place reserves the right to advertise this design for sale to the general public after 1 month of the function date.

COPYRIGHT AND ONSELLING - The design you have purchased was created exclusively for you by Emma Smith Event Stationery and/or The Printable Place. Reproducing, altering or onselling this file is a breach of copyright and strictly prohibited. The designs and files are yours to apply to craft, party and classroom projects and are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Patterns and illustrations cannot be used to create items to sell on third party sites, including Etsy or any other form of shop, both digital and walk up. By purchasing the product, you are being granted singular permission to use the graphics and papers; the copyright does not transfer to the buyer who may not resell or share any of the files under any circumstances. If you are interested in obtaining a multi-user license, please contact me via email at hello@theprintableplace.com.au

REFUND POLICY - DIGITAL PRODUCT - We will NOT offer refunds on digital products and artwork already provided to you as there is no way for you, the customer, to truly return the purchased item and it remains in your possession indefinitely. If we provided a file that is not editable by yourself (custom design) and you need to amend the date of a function due to COVID-19, we will amend the date for you and send you the revised file free of charge. This applies to TEXT ONLY and WILL NOT cover changes to artwork and graphics. If the date or location of your event needs to be changed for other reasons, we will assess each order and individual circumstances but please note additional charges may apply. Refunds are NOT TRANSFERRABLE and we reserve the right to refuse a refund.

REFUND POLICY - PRINTED PRODUCT -  Whilst every care is taken to ensure our product is of the greatest quality, we recognise that there may be instances whereby you may require a refund or credit. We will assess your order and individual circumstances and work to resolve the issue. Depending on the nature of the complaint, the refund may be partial, or given in the form of a credit note. Refunds are NOT transferrable and we reserve the right to refuse a refund.

POSTAGE AND HANDLING – There is no charge for postage and handling for digital files. They will be sent via email or in some instances a file sharing app. 

GUEST LIST - If a guest list has been provided - Please also ensure that all the details on your guest list spreadsheet are accurate and in the layout requested. Whilst some basic formatting is checked, it is your responsibility to ensure names, addresses and postcodes are correct. If the spreadsheet does not comply and reformatting by Emma Smith Event Stationery/The Printable Place is required, you will be charged at an hourly rate to do so.

CONTACT US: You can reach us to discuss any of the above terms and conditions at hello@theprintableplace.com.au